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For small chia farmers, it could take months to receive a single coin reward. Join XCHPool to combine the power of a group of farmers and receive more rewards together! Our fees are low, it is transparent and absolutely anonymous and on top of that we instantly pay out!

Please join the XCHPool on discord and chat with  our community about Chia rigs, Chia plotting, Chia farming, testnet and receive XCHPool updates! Just a few days before the Chia pool will go live!

XCHPool #1 Chia Pool

What we offer with our Chia Pool


XCH Fastest growing Chia pool worldwide


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0% fee for 3 months

Enjoy 3 months 0% fee (until 2021-10-08) if you join the pool between 2021-07-08 05:00 UTC and 2021.07.22 05:00 UTC which is exactly 2 weeks period after official chia v1.2.0 release

After the 3 months, a 0.75% XCHPOOL fee



No need to sign up, you join the XCHPOOL with a smart contract on the chia network, the pool only knows your wallet address.



Via publicly available statistics, you can see every (anonymized) XCH pool member’s pool share, uptime, and their pay outs, which you can all verify on-chain



PPLNS pay out system over the last 24 hours


No need to share your keys

On-chain official chia pooling so no need to share your keys.


Daily Automatic Payouts

PPLNS over the last 24 hours
0.01 XCH minimum payout

Join XCHPool the cheapest Chia pool

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Enjoy 0% fee for 3 months 

0% fee for three months (until 2021-10-08) If you join the pool before 2021.07.12 05:00 UTC which is exactly 2 weeks after official chia v1.2.0 release. After the 3 months, a 0.75% XCHPOOL fee

Note: For Chia Farmers with large space, i.e. large Chia Farms, a tiered fee model will be set up at a later date. How big the farms will be and how much they will be paid will be announced via Twitter, Discord, Keybase and, of course, via our website. So subscribe to our XCHPool newsletter here.

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