Guide to chia farming


in 3 Easy Steps

The Chia Network is growing and it becomes more difficult to earn Chia cryptocurrency as a solo farmer. By joining our XCHPOOL, you as a farmer can start earning a small amount of Chia coins way faster. The total space of the pool determines the probability of winning a block.

xchpool chia farming

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Install latest official Chia software

If you want to start pooling on the official Chia protocol, you need to make sure that your Chia software is up to date. Here is the Link to the release notes and download the latest Chia pooling release: Chia Version 1.2.3 or later »

Official Pooling User Guide by the Chia team is available here

Should you run into issues?
Join us on discord to discuss the pool rules, your issues and how to fix them.


Create your Plot NFT

You can also join one of our regional pool endpoints:


Make sure the blockchain and your Chia wallet are synced. Before you can create your NFT, you’ll have to pay a fraction of Chia (1 MOJO or 0.000000000001 XCH). Go to and send 100 mojos to your wallet address. Now follow screenshots below to make plots.

Once installed and connected to your Chia wallet address, go to the “Pool” tab in the main menu and click on the “Add a Plot NFT” button.


Type the XCHPool farming URL: to “Connect to Pool” input, and confirm Plot NFT creation. You can also join one of our regional pool endpoints:




Create portable pooling plots

In the “Pool” section of the Chia software you will see your generated NFT.

Now go to the “Plots tab” and enter the plot creation wizard. Set up your plotting settings. In step 5 of the wizard you can select the NFT you have created from the drop-down list.


Congratulations! You’re now farming to the pool. Your plots will automatically be linked to your NFT and farm to the pool! To monitor the statistics of your farm, you should enter your NFT launcher ID on XCHPool.explorer. Each of your NFTs has a unique launcher ID that can be found in your NFTs list.


Enter Launcher ID / Reward address