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Fee | XCHpool | august 12th

The XCHPool Chia-Pool fees are defined as follows:

xchpool chia farming

XCHPool Fee

The XCHPool Basic Fee is 1%

xchpool chia farming

Long term XCHPool discount

The longer you are a XCHPool Chia Farmer member the following discounts do apply.

  • 0.05% > 6 Months
  • 0.10% > 12 Months
  • 0.15% > 18 Months
xchpool chia farming

XCHPool PoolSize discount

The larger your Chiafarm added to XCHPool the following additional discounts will be applied on the XCHPool Fee

  • 0.05% > 100 TB
  • 0.10% > 250 TB
  • 0.15% > 500 TB
  • 0.20% > 1 PB
xchpool chia farming


No need to sign up, you join the XCHPOOL with a smart contract on the chia network, the pool only knows your wallet address.

xchpool chia farming


Payouts will be processed through the PPLNS methodology every 24 hours starting at 18:00 UTC, the process might take several hours before you get your rewards added to your wallet. This is blockchain and processing time related.

xchpool chia farming


With combined discounts , the Fee will never be lower than 0.75%

xchpool chia farming

XCHPool members from start

Earlier promises do stay intact!

  • XCHPool Chia Farmers who became member from start until July 8th 2021 05:00 UTC there is a lifetime 0% Fee.
  • Chia Farmers who joined XCHPool between July 8th 2021 05:00 UTC and August 12th 2021 23:59 UTC the 3 months 0% Fee is applied. (0% Fee is valid until October 8th2021).
xchpool chia farming

XCHPool Statistics

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