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XCHPool | Chia network related faq

Frequently Asked Questions

XCHPool general

What are the benefits joining XCHPool?

For small chia farmers, it could take months to receive a single coin reward.

By Joining XCHPool you combine the power of a group of farmers and receive more rewards together!

Our fees are low, it is transparent and absolutely anonymous and on top of that we instantly pay out!

How big is your pool?

According to miningpoolstats we are among the top 10 worldwide.

Do you have statistics ?

Go to our website explorer.xchpool.org

You can see all the latest figures such as:  recently Farmed Chia, our Pool Netspace and members

Do you have a Top 100 Farmers list?

Yes we have a leaderboard. You can take a sneak peek at our pool explorer here, where you can see pool rewards, top members, your pay-outs and more!

How can I join your pool now?

You can join us on discord! 
Please follow this guide to chia  farming to get started

Can I re-use my current plots for pooling?

No you can’t you need to re-plot your plots with the pooling feature

Is there a faster way to sync with mainnet?
  • Yes. If you can use a more up-to-date .sqlite database file, this will expedite the process.
  • User “Phelan Kell-Ward” periodically provides updated mainnet .sqlite DB updates. Additional sources may be available in the future.

LINKS: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_Z-Pzh2Du-GVr5GyDPiwoudkrjYziLwr?usp=sharingtabindex=”0″>https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_Z-Pzh2Du-GVr5GyDPiwoudkrjYziLwr?usp=sharing

How do I use a pre-existing .sqlite database file to reduce sync time?

The first step is to open Chia normally and sync for at least a few seconds to a minute.

1. Stop chia by closing the gui, or execute:

chia stop farmer

2. Next, locate the correct folder.

Windows: C:\Users{username}.Chia\mainnet\db
Linux: ~/.chia/mainnet/db/

3. Copy or rename your existing “blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite” file.

4. Now copy the new .sqlite file into this folder, making sure it is properly named “blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite”.

5. Open Chia gui or execute:

chia start farmer

6. Allow it to sync missing blocks.

How do I connect to testnet on Windows?

1. Install the Chia software normally
2. Open PowerShell
3. Change -directory to the correct location

cd C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain

4. Initialize the software

.\chia.exe init

5. Then run the following:

.\chia.exe configure -t true

6. Open the Chia node GUI(typically using the shortcut in your Start Menu) -Run the following command to force syncing to start quicker:

.\chia.exe show -a testnet-node.chia.net:58444

How do I connect to testnet on Linux?

1. Install the Chia software normally

chia init

2. Then run the following:

chia configure -t true

3. Open the Chia node GUI -Run the following command to force syncing to start quicker:

chia show -a testnet-node.chia.net:58444

I see less netspace in the xchpool explorer than I actually have?

The netspace is a calculation based on the proofs you send to the pool. sometimes you are lucky, and sometimes you are less lucky.

The space calculation is also based on a 24 hour rolling average, so if you

  • have been down for a while in the last 24h
  •  just joined the pool
  • still plotting so space increases over time
  • then the space will looks less than it actually is.
Where can I ask my questions?

Join us on  Discord

XCHPool fee & discounts

Does XCHPool take pool fee?

Yes, we take a pool fee to fund our operations. Read more »

From 2021, July 22nd:
The XCHPool Basic Fee is 1%

From start until July 8th 2021:
lifetime 0% Fee

Between July 8th 2021 and August 12th 2021
3 months 0%

Is there a Size discount?

The larger your Chiafarm the higher your discount.

The following discounts will be applied on the XCHPool Fee:

  • 0.05% > 100 TB
  • 0.10% > 250 TB
  • 0.15% > 500 TB
  • 0.20% > 1 PB
Is there a discount for Loyal members?

Long term XCHPool members get a special discount

  • 0.05% > 6 Months
  • 0.10% > 12 Months
  • 0.15% > 18 Months
How do payouts work?

Payout is based on a few factors. See below for the breakdown.

a. Payout

  • The total payout is 2 XCH.
  • This is divided by giving 0.25 XCH (+ transaction fees) to the pool member that provided the correct proof to the Chia network.
  • The remaining 1.75 XCH is divided among the rest of the pool members equal to their pool share which is calculated in points.

b. Points

  • Points are acquired by sending proofs to the pool server, based on three factors: difficulty of the proof, and uptime during the cycle.
  • Difficulty of the proofs are adjusted to the pool member’s farm size, so the pool member has to (on average) needs to send a proof every 5 minutes, this way the size of a farm will impact the difficulty of the challenge it receives, thereby impacting the number of points.
  • Proofs are expected in average to be +/-5 minutes, and if a farm is not active for the full cycle, it will potentially receive less overall points for that cycle.
  • The pay out moment is where all points built up determines your pool share % for that cycle. Payout is done, points reset to zero for all pool members, and a new cycle begins.
Will Payouts be processed through the PPLNS methodology ?

Payouts happen once per day at 12:00 UTC

Payouts will be processed through the PPLNS methodology 

Note: The process might take several hours before you get your rewards added to your wallet. This is blockchain and processing time related.

Can I leave the pool?

By all means leaving the XCHPool as a Chia Farmer would reflect that all discounts will be reset to 0% discount!

Chia network general

Do I need to sign up?

No need to sign up, you join the XCHPOOL with a smart contract on the chia network, the pool only knows your wallet address.

How is my farmer netspace calculated?

Simple rule: 1 K32 plot is good for 10 points per day on average

Your farmer sends proofs to the pool server against a certain difficulty.. the difficulty is adjusted for each farmer if you have difficulty 15 for example, each proof is worth 15 points.

A few examples:

  • If your farmer sent 500 proofs of 1 points each (difficulty = 1) in the last 24h .. you have 500×1=500 points .. divide this by 10 .. so you have about 50 plots
  • If your farmer sent 100 proofs of 5 points each (difficulty = 5) in the last 24h .. you have 100×5=500 points .. divide this by 10 .. so you have about 50 plots
  • If your farmer sent 20 proofs of 25 points each (difficulty = 25) in the last 24h .. you have 20×25=500 points .. divide this by 10 .. so you have about 50 plots
Do I need to create new plots to join the pool?

Yes, you need portable plots to join any pool that follows official pool protocol, including XCHPool.

Where can I find a list of Chia pools?

A crypto community site lists all upcoming Chia pools: miningpoolstats

What is Pay-Per-Last N Shares (PPLNS)?

Pay-Per-Last N Share system rewards chia farmers once the block has been found by the pool. This means that you will get paid once the block has been found. Then our XCH pool goes “back in time,” and checks for valid shares contributed before the winning block. This is called a time window. XCH Pool Chia farmers get paid based on the valid shares that they have sent in that time window.

This method comes in handy for Chia Farmers that do not hop from pool to pool and have a steady connection. Note that you may lose all your work (shares) if you disconnect from the pool before the block is found.

What is Proof of Space and Time?

Proof of Space is a technique that requires proving that unused space on the hard disk is allocated storage space. Proof of Space must be paired with Proof of Time to be used as a consensus method. PoT ensures that block times have consistency in the time between them and increases the overall security of the blockchain. learn more about Proof of space and chialisp at chia.net faq

How will Chia pools work?

Chia pools are made up of a group of people farming to the same pool key. When a Chia farmers in the pool wins a block, everybody shares in the reward.

For Chia pools, the farmer that wins the block gets 0.25 XCH, and the remaining 1.75 XCH is split among the rest of the pool, minus the pool fee. Pool farmers will receive a cut of the 1.75 XCH equal to their farm’s percentage of the pool netspace.

What is Chia?

Chia is a new cryptocurrency that does not use Proof of Work (PoW) for mining new coins. Bitcoin and Ethereum are cryptocurrencies that do use this. Chia uses what is known as Proof of Space and Time (PoST). Instead of needing powerful computers or the best graphics cards to solve calculations, Chia requires empty hard drives to “farm” the cryptocurrency with minimal resources.

Who is the founder of Chia?

The Chia blockchain was developed by Bram Cohen, one of the founders of BitTorrent and the brains behind the whole Chia farming concept. To understand it better, we recommend reading the FAQ on the chia.net website.

I have more questions, where do I find answers?
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XCHPool Statistics

Recently Farmed Chia, our Pool Netspace and members explorer.xchpool.org



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