Time for our chia Pool App Update

Look what is new in the app update!

  • get notified when your farmer is down
  • when you receive a pay out
  • get general notifications
  • dark mode
  • pull to refresh
  • bugfixes

1. Get notified when your farm is down

Don’t you want to get notified when your farmer is down? Download our app and get notified as soon as your farmer is down.

2. Pay out notifications

Our Pay-out notifications are a great way to keep you updated when you’ve been pay out.

XCHPool-Pay-out notifications
Chia Pool App update – payout notification

3. Get general notifications

Learn about the latest news for the Your XCHPool app

XCHPool mobile APP – Set Up Your notifications!

Explore the XCHPool

It never wasn’t easier to explore our pool before. Lookup for other miners, last found blocks, pool statistics and even more. Just with a simple click you’re ready to go. Go to our XCHPool explorer and find out for yourself!

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XCHPool Statistics

Recently Farmed Chia, our Pool Netspace and members explorer.xchpool.org



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