XCHPool – Chia pool Fee 0% until July 31st 2021 update

XCHPool Chia Pool Fee Update

As of today, July 22nd 2021, we have published the Chia Pool Fees for our Chia Farmers members.

In order to boost the success of our XCHPool Chia Farmers members, we have also decided to extend the Fee 0% rule until July 31st 2021. In other words, 9 more days of opportunity for Chia Farmers to join the most stable and above all no nonsense Chia Pool supporting the Official Chia Protocol and still benefit from this advantage. Be quick and Join us here!

Furthermore, we would like to give a little hint about the launch of a new XCHPool explorer with some improvements and extra informative data. So keep following us on our Social Media channels like Twitter, Discord

Thanks to all the Chia farmers who put their trust in XCHPool!

While you dream about your chia pool fee..

XCHpool is up and running, you can take a look at our pool explorer here,
where you can see pool rewards, top members, your pay-outs and more!

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XCHPool Statistics

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