XCHPool Chia Explorer Updated Features

What are the CHIA explorer new AND updated features?

Changelog Release update

  • Login system integration 
  • Farmer nickname selection 
  • Personal farmer page 
  • Personal QR Code to login the future mobile application 
  • Advance view on farmer statistics 
  • New translation for German Native 
  • Nickname integration in Leader Board 

Showing the “expected” blocks

The “won blocks” chart in the main page is now showing the “expected” blocks based on the pool’s netspace so the pool’s luck is now graphically visible over time.

Login from your Chia clientsoftware

You can now log in into the explorer from the chia client.
A new “MY FARM” page will show up where you can change settings, and see more details about your farm.

Partial distribution XCHPool explorer
XCHPool Explorer Submitted partials and Partials Distribution

Mobile App access whit a QR code (APP will be released soon!)

My farm page shows an app access QR code which you can use to logon the app.

App access QR code XCHPool

Curious about all new features?

Go to our XCHPool explorer and find out for yourself!

xchpool chia farming

XCHPool Statistics

Recently Farmed Chia, our Pool Netspace and members explorer.xchpool.org



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