Chia Farmer Payment Frequency Update

GOOD NEWS FOR All XCHPool Chia farmers!

As from September 29th 2021 UTC 00:00 onwards, XCHPool won ChiaPool partials will started to be paid every 6 hours starting at 00:00AM onwards. Keep in mind that we do have to process all connected farms, i.e. we start a t 06:00 AM what could mean your add on might be a momentum later.

Why are we doing this?

To ensure a little bit more continuity in the XCHPool Chia Farming services we provide. Of course the payment minimum of 0.01 plus will be the same as before.


So become a XCHPool Chia-Farmer member NOW!
And get payed every 6 hours

Chia Farmer Payment

Thank you for your trust and confidence being a proud XCHPool Chia cryptocurrency farmer with us.

Together We Achieve More!

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