Fast growing Chia Netspace reached 19 EiB

Hello XCHPool Team!

While the XCH value was dropping, the chia netspace also reached 19 EiB. We will need the XCHpools more and more!

Thankfully, XCHpool is almost here. The moment we go live, we will give you an update via our website and the more usual channels, with a complete guide on how to become a member!

As some of you may already know, XCHpool has its own private 1.5 PiB farm which we are currently doubling to “3 PiB” which we will bring into the pool immediately. Of course we hope this will help give the pool some regular rewards from the day of launch!

Interested in seeing the pictures of Rig we’re using for this? Then come to our Discord channel! We are also building a nice community on discord. Join us to talk about the  XCHPool, Chia rigs, Chia plotting, Chia farming, price discussions, Q&A, and much more!

chia plotting

XCHPool the lowest costs:

XCH value and XCHpool costs

Our rates are not yet known, because we are still observing our competitors. With this we want to be sure that we as a chia network have the lowest costs and are the better pool in the market!

xchpool chia farming

XCHPool Statistics

Recently Farmed Chia, our Pool Netspace and members



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