Yes! Chia v1.0.4 coming out soon!

Good news! We should be able to start chia plotting

Hi team! With the release of Chia 1.1.4 due this week, we should be able to start plotting our pooling plots a few weeks before pooling comes out! you will need to plot your pooling plots just once, because you can then move them between pools using chia’s unique pool protocol!

For all early Chia birds! Everyone gets a 0% CHIA POOL FEE for the first 3 months. After these 3 months, you will get a lifetime discount .

* When joining chia network XCHPool within the first 2 weeks after launch!

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1. Can I make plots for pooling

No, you’ll have to wait with chia plotting until chia dev team releases the software, planned to be released at end of may.

3. How can I join your pool?

Pooling is not released yet, so you can’t. We aim to go live the day pooling is officially released by the chia team. For now, you can sign up to our mailinglist, follow us on twitter or telegram, and we’ll send you a message as soon as you are able to join us! also we will send you a short guide with very simple steps on how to join the pool! All FAQ

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